Rehabilitation And Therapy

REHABILITATION offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to residents of all ages ranging from adults to geriatrics. Yuma Nursing Center has well-trained therapists that provide quality therapy services to our residents.  Our therapists assist individuals with improving and restoring their physical strength and mobility to maximize independence and return to prior level of function.

PHYSICAL THERAPY focuses on various medical conditions and diagnoses while relieving pain, increasing mobility and balance, and increasing flexibility.  Our physical therapists improve quality of life for individuals by providing hands-on treatment, exercises, and modalities to increase overall function.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY focuses on assisting individuals with living their life to the fullest.  Our occupational therapists assist individuals in becoming more independent with their activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, toileting, dressing) as well as their instrumental activities of daily living (i.e. cooking, gardening, cleaning) to facilitate a safe discharge to their home, a long-term setting, or an assisted living. 

SPEECH THERAPY addresses various conditions while improving cognitive skills including memory and organization.  Our speech therapists also address swallowing and speech to maximize independence and quality of life for individuals. 

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